Pull Over SupaNova: Filming the Video Wrestler Style

From the far reaches of the galaxy comes Jetson Molloy! Pull Over SupaNova is born today. Prepare for the biggest bang of your life!!

Sunday we had a great time filming the video for Pull Over SupaNova, one of the releases for the Jetson Molloy and the Intergalactic Kittenz.  We decided to film this video in a wrestling ring with Female German Pro Wrestler Jazzy Gabert, AKA Alpha Female.

Pull Over SupaNova

Rehearsing with Alpha Female

We had several days of rehearsal before filming and Ryan gave all for his art, literally being pummeled by Alpha. Now that’s total commitment.

jetson molloy alpha female

Jetson Molloy Down for the Count

We won’t tell you who wins the battle to save the planet. You will find out in the video to be released later this year!

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the tune. Pull Over SupaNova!!

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